Igor Korolev (korolev) wrote,
Igor Korolev

Не говорите, что мир не нашей стороне

Комменты из статьи в Al Jazeera:

richard columbare United States
The cold war

When the Soviet Union put Missiles in Cuba the United States went on military alert. So why should Russia react any differently when Bush starts placing them around Russia. President Bush is nothing more than a warmonger,hoping to create a fear among the American people hoping to get McCain and the Republican neo-conservatives elected again. And I for one have had enough of fear mongering politics. And war criminals in general!

Gill Redpath South Africa

Russia USA: grand game

Check mate indeed, Ah and the pawns used in the game - Republican spin doctors know their people will vote out of fear, the terrorist one can easily be transferred to a communist one, so a flash point like Georgia - come in Saakashvili - Poland on the side - lets make the Russians look bad and of course we will get those votes. When will the American people open their eyes and see the methods used to con them over and over again. Good Luck Barak

Christian Sweden

Just a normal day at work for the Super Powers

The US are often more sophisticated in their methods to bend and corrupt small countries, like they are currently trying to break loose the rich regions of Bolivia to keep in control of the resources in those regions. However, their world dominance has made it less necessary to use the silk gloves, as we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq. So now, an upcoming super power Russia can feel free to follow the US example. It will be interesting to follow.

faruk Ishaq Bello Nigeria


Russia is only following the foot step of America for invading smaller countries. If U.S on mere suspicion of Iraq is a threat can move and invade that country so is Russia has the same right to invade GEORGIA.

umit altay Turkey

From Russia with love

Lets hope that this war mongering administration (bush) doesn't get us in to war with russia, because bush is trying to find ways to break the montro agreement (which the u.s.a did not sign) and send in war ships through the bosphorus in to the black sea i hope our prime minister is smart enough to stop this game, in the first world war a german ship raised the turkish flag and went off bombing sevastapil causing the ottoman turks enter the war along with germany...

Географический охват мнений поражает!

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