Igor Korolev (korolev) wrote,
Igor Korolev

До чего докатились в Израиле

Араба посадили на 18 месяцев из-за того, что он, клея еврейку, наплел ей, что он сам еврей. Причем, подчеркиваю, ни о каком насилие с его стороны речи не идет!!!

Sabar Kashour, a young man from East Jerusalem , was sentenced today (Monday) to 18 months in prison after having defrauded and thereby raped and committed indecent acts upon a Jewish young woman, who only yielded to him because she thought he was a Jew. Additionally, the judges – Deputy Presiding Justice Zvi Segal, Moshe Dror, and Yoram Noam required Kashour to pay the complainant financial compensation amounting to NIS 10,000.
The prosecution representative, Adv. Daniel Vittman, argued that Kashour had indeed carried out his plot without the use of force, but that he had dissipated her ability to object to his actions by means of the false representation about his personal situation – [claiming that he was] a Jewish bachelor interested in a significant romantic relationship. In this way he abused her desire for a deep emotional relationship, which was the only reason that she agreed to have sexual relations with him.

Интересно, а девушку в Израиле можно засудить за то, что она говорит тебе про любовь, а сама не любит и имеет, например, лишь меркантильный интерес?

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